A Snake In The Grass…Literally

I’ve gained a stalker today. I call him Wadjet for purposes of publication; what I really call him, I probably shouldn’t publicly announce.

I was minding my own business, outside enjoying the wonderful weather we’re having today, playing with my large dog, Alex, in our back yard. It was Alex, the dog that saved my life just over a year ago, who initially pointed out the sneaky little reptile. I yelled–something really brilliant like, “Snake!”–and summoned my husband to deal with the situation.

He actually thought it was wonderful and took a few photos, before encouraging the snake to take a stroll towards the big field behind our property. The snake obliged, sort of: he stopped off at our compost pile/bird haven on the way.

I thought the little fu–I mean, snake–would have the sense to stay the hell away but, no. Of course not.

Outside with Alex again just a few minutes ago, I discovered that the little bastard was right behind me. Actually, Alex noticed the snake and let me know about it. Alex loves to “mommy” small, cuddly creatures, but he seemed inclined to regard said small snake as a threat..or as a potential chew toy.

By the time I’d convinced Alex that I’d prefer he look on the snake as a threat and got Shadow on the scene, Wadjet had disappeared once more. But I know he’s out there, just waiting for me to venture into the wilds of my backyard again.

I’ve included a photo, just so you’ll recognize Wadjet if he begins stalking you.



One Site To Rule Them All…

I’m all for making the most of technology, using technological capabilities to improve our lives, but this is just frigging ridiculous.

Nevada Allows Voter Registration Via Facebook

I’ll get my Ten Companies Will Control The World article up soon, but for now…

One site to rule the world, one site to find them, one site to rule the world, and in the darkness, bind them. If you’re not clear on the applicability of this slightly altered line from ‘The Lord of the Rings’, I strongly suggest you read or re-read the books, and/or watch the films.

Surely I’m not the only one who sees that Facebook is way, way too much a part of peoples’ lives these days?

A Poem of Politics

I have no idea who wrote this interesting little poem, but after I read it on CNN this afternoon, I just had to share it.

My thanks for the anonymous author for his/her work.





It is a sad time for the party of Lincoln
Their candidate, Mitt, looks like he’s sinkin’
In October the leaks will be no surprise
And prove to the People some very big lies
Of tax amnesty and special Swiss banks
Then a wave of resentment will roll over the ranks
All will then know why Willard’s so mysterious
The Republican trouble will be the most serious

The Romneys must realize the truth will surface in a while
Perhaps they suffer from the worst case of denial
In the primaries, Mitt’s megalomania slipped by undetected
Although Newt would declare it’s what he expected
The Romneys have betrayed the party of Eisenhower
For reasons, look simply to Mitt’s lust for power
August 18, 2012 10:54 am at 10:54 am |


Sourced From: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2012/08/17/ryan-paid-a-higher-income-tax-rate-than-romney-returns-show/?hpt=hp_t3